Engineering & Service

Multi Umwelttechnologie AG – resolving your problem in water treatment

Mutag offers considerable engineering services in the field of water and wastewater treatment based on numerous reference plants for multiple decades.

Basic design / engineering

Supply of all basic and process information for design and detail engineering, such as layout, load plan, P&ID, main dimensions of tanks, basic data for pipe and cable routing. The delivery is made in such manner that the client can proceed with his detail engineering for procurement, delivery, construction and assembling.

Detail design / engineering

Supply of all details and process information and engineering to proceed with procurement, delivery, construction and assembling.

Shop drawings

Drawings and bill of material for on site fabrication, including relevant standards and regulations.

Process design

Process design between feed and effluent of the plant to fulfill all effluent requirements. It can be any combination of different technologies available. The best combination of technologies is one key point of Mutag’s design. BAT = Best Available Technology.

Process calculation

Relevant calculations of flow, return sludge, nitrate return, excess sludge, process air or technical oxygen, backwashing, cooling capacity, tank size and reaction volume, settling tanks, chemicals, nutrients etc.


Application and presentation of mass-calculation of the system in a process-flow-diagram. By taking in account material entering and leaving a system, mass flows which might have been unknown or difficult to measure without this technique, can be identified.

Basic civil design

All required civil drawings and specifications of the plant to allow civil engineers to proceed with detail design and static calculation in accordance with the regulations and requirements at the job site. The documents contain all nozzles, walkways, sumps, platforms, handrails, steel structures, recommendation for equipment installation and arrangement. In addition to the complete tank design, longitudinal sections, load plans of tanks and equipment will be supplied.
Details of buildings and rooms for laboratories, MCC, pumps, blower, centrifuges, chemicals etc.


Mutag creates the design and model in 3D to enable the design engineers to control any conflict of units or misplanning in arrangement of units during the design process. The 3D model provides an understandable, visual overview of the complete plant. Each unit is visible and can be rotated and viewed from each side in different view angles.

Pipe routing

Pipe routing in 3D and/or 2D version including the bill of material can be extracted from the 3D design.

Equipment arrangement (hook-up‘s)

Equipment arrangement and installation documentation with specification on special process requests.


Complete manuals presenting the process, safety requirements and safety signs, handling of chemicals, including biological, chemical and physical aspects.

Start-up and commissioning manuals for the delivered process with operator's guidelines and troubleshooting.

Analyzing guide

Specification sheet and laboratory requirements of specific requested analyses during start-up and normal operation process for fine tuning of the process.