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Mutag MBBR power pack

  • Mutag’s team of engineers possesses a wide range of experience from project activities for multiple decades as well as from the continuous R&D.
  • Complete biological processes such as activated sludge plants, MBBR, IFAS and ANAMMOX.
  • Chemical-physical processes such as precipitation/flocculation.
  • Filtration and sedimentation processes.
  • Oxidation processes.

Mutag MBBR power pack

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MBBR design

For the application of the Mutag BioChip™ carriers, Mutag offers a wide basic and/or detail design. This enables each Mutag BioChip™ user to self-build the system, in which Mutag’s experience can be used. This is a service which is facilitated by purchasing the Mutag BioChip™.

Mutag sees itself not only as a producer and supplier of plastic carriers, but also offers the customer all necessary information and process-technological support in MBBR/IFAS application.

engineering information 2
  • A typical MBBR design
  • consisting of the tank (here: circular),
  • the aeration grid with three (3) separately controllable strands,
  • A retention screen in pipe shape made of perforated sheet metal,
  • The measurement devices (O2, pH, temperature, level),
  • and the service platform.

MBBR/IFAS technology as franchise model

Mutag offers the use of its know-how in conjunction with the leading-edge product Mutag BioChip™ in franchise models.

This facilitates a know-how transfer in combination with the product Mutag BioChip™.

It is obvious that the know-how transfer and the support provided by Mutag facilitates the implementation of the MBBR technology directly on site in the respective country at significantly lower costs in terms of manufacturing, delivery, assembly and commissioning.

This contributes to the development of structurally weak countries which have to invest also in wastewater treatment.

Depending on the request or the background knowledge of the franchisee, the know-how transfer can be adapted accordingly.

MBBR products

Mutag supplies the following products

Mutag BioChip 30™


Mutag BioChip™ Re-granulate


Mutag BioFlakes™


Standard retention screens in different sizes




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