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Know-how in water / wastewater treatment.


  • Mutag's team of engineers possesses an extensive of experience from project activities for multiple decades as well as from the continuous R&D.
  • Complete biological processes such as activated sludge plants, MBBR, IFAS and ANAMMOX.
  • Chemical-physical processes such as precipitation/flocculation.
  • Filtration and sedimentation processes.
  • Oxidation processes.

Plant design

Mutag offers a complete plant design, starting with an initial project analysis, feasibility study, preliminary talks with the permission-granting authorities and consideration of the client’s requirements. The client is involved at any time in his project for decision-making acc. to his ideas.

  • Process flow diagram
  • Plant description for further discussion and approval
  • Basic P&ID
  • Calculations with options and/or alternative design
  • Mass balance, consumption specification
  • Layout and plant design
  • Longitudinal section
  • Tank and building design
  • Basic steel structure
  • Pipe routing
  • Hook-up drawings
  • Cable routing
  • Chemical storage, handling and safety
  • Specification machinery and measuring equipment
  • Manual
  • Start-up manual
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Operator qualification and training
  • RFQ and machinery specification; complete tendering
  • Consumer specification
  • Plant presentation and argumentation with explanations
  • Recommendation of sub-contractors and sub-vendors; vendor list
  • Specification of laboratory equipment and laboratory testing

Basic design

Supply of all basic design required for the detail engineering for compliance with the process parameters and the process function. For the executive designer, the basic design is the adequate basis for his continued detail design up to the preparation of the shop drawings. Usually, the detail design is prepared by the plant constructor on site – in the destination country – while considering the local requirements and standards.

engineering service 1

Basic design of tube aeration system

Plant design

engineering plant design

Plant design

engineering plant design2


Plant design


Plant design

Example of 3D pipework drawing


Plant design


Plant design


MBBR/IFAS Paper mill


MBBR AS Steel plant


Deni, COD, Nitrification Steel plant


Bio-plant and precipitation Steel plant


Bio-plant Steel plant


Complete View of BETP Steel plant


Complete View of BETP Steel plant


Complete View of BETP Steel plant


MBBR Retention screen


MBBR Retention screen


Aeration system


MBBR tank

Bio-Carrier supply

For more than 2 decades, the Mutag team had marketed the MBBR process and used the carriers available on the market. Mutag gained experience with these carriers in different applications (paper industry, coking plants, chemical industry, municipal sewage).

In large-scale application, all conventional carriers have shown different disadvantages in terms of abrasion, solidity, loss of biological performance due to excessive sludge accumulation, floating characteristics in the moving bed, price development, etc.

Based on the experience mentioned above, Mutag developed, tested and marketed its own carrier with brand name Mutag BioChip™ in 2008. The product Mutag BioChip™ is a high-quality product Made in Germany from Mutag’s own production.

Meanwhile, the Mutag BioChip™ is in operation in more than 700 applications world-wide, hence any further and more detailed comments should not be necessary. For more information, please refer to our website

Multi-flow 50™ (325 m²/m³ or 99 ft²/ft³) before 2008


Mutag BioChip 30™ (up to 5,500 m²/m³ or >1,677 ft²/ft³) in 2018


New carriers without biomass