Engineering & Service

Multi Umwelttechnologie AG – resolving your problem in water treatment

In terms of service, Mutag offers considerable engineering services in large-scale as well as in small-scale projects in the sector of water and wastewater treatment.


Loyalty, extensive know-how and references for decades are the basis to involve Mutag as consultant in projets. Mutag supports the client in all project-specific concerns, especially in discussions with authorities, clarification of administrative requirements, selection of vendors, preparation of tender documents, etc.

Feasibilty study

Prior to the realization of an engineering project, it is advisable to perform a feasibility study. In such a study, the basic feasibility as well as conceptual possibilities incl. costing and budgeting are being investigated.

Pilot testing

In problematic cases of applications or in case of utilization of special technologies and/or combinations of different technologies in chain, it is recommended to conduct a test with the specific type of wastewater or water under real conditions. The service provided by Mutag can consist of the complete pilot testing including calculations, design, supply of units or rent of series-connected units, supervision and presentation of test results with recommendations for the large-scale plant. For any pilot testing, Mutag’s engineers can attend the pilot testing as consultants on request.

Laboratory testing

Checking of the performance of different MBBR carriers in the applications of COD removal, denitrification, nitrification or Anammox in lab-scale reactors which are individually equipped for these purposes.

In denitrification, deammonification and in anaerobic reactors, the removal rates and performance are analyzed by means of quantitative off-gas measurement. Determination of the biomass established on the MBBR carrier media. Combined process with different types of carrier media for the formation of special biocoenoses and optimization of the complete process.

Precipitation/flocculation trials with different metal salts and/or polymers.
Ion exchange with special ion exchangers.
Adsorption trials with activated carbon powder and granulated activated carbon in adsorbers.

Plant monitoring

Process of plant monitoring means collecting specific plant data like analysis, process parameter (oxygen, pH, flows, temperature, nutrients etc.) data and reviewing parameters or condition of equipment and or biological, chemical or physical reactions in order to identify any changes that could be an indication of malfunction or to enable the optimization of the plant efficiency.

RFQ specifications

RFQ specifications for procurement by third parties (EPC, subcontractor, or procurement by client) in compliance with the basic or detail process design supplied by Mutag.

Purchasing support

Specification of sub-vendors for special equipment, RFQ, review of technical offers, support during technical contract negotiations.

Operator training

Operator training during erection of the plant, in-house training, training on the job, on site training in laboratory.

On site training

On site operator and staff training regarding fine tuning and troubleshooting.

Start-up support

In addition to the offered training as specified above, the operators are supported during start-up by Mutag’s engineering team directly from Mutags headquarters by exchanging process data via communication systems (remote support).

Process optimization

Fine tuning of the plant by Mutag’s process engineers.

Process support

All required support necessary for optimized plant operation. The combination and tuning of series-connected treatment units. Explanation of functional process parameters and adjustments.

Tenders acc. to Mutag‘s basic pre-engineering and conceptual design

The goal of a procurement manager is to receive comparable technical offers with price transparency for price comparison. Any hidden underperformance in offers usually result in dumping prices, but it can come along with disastrous consequences on the implementation. Wrong technology or subsequent extra charges are the result.

From a technical point of view, all offers should be comparable with each other and should not include any hidden underperformance!

After technical clarification with the client and the authorities in charge, Mutag offers the service necessary for preparing a target-oriented tender with plant-specific specifications. After receipt of the related bids, Mutag will technically evaluate them and give recommendations or requests for technical comparability. The commercial processing and negotiation is done by the client and Mutag can be consulted.